Forever in our hearts!

Lagos in particular and Nigeria would not forget the late Olumuyiwa Osinuga, also known as Nomoreloss, who was born in Lagos western Nigeria in the 70’s. The veteran singer had his primary and secondary education at A.D.R.A.O International school, Victoria island.

His growing up in the high-brow areas of Lagos, Nigeria played a great part in his appreciation of classical music as well as music of international flavor.

Nomoreloss was also privileged to study the rudiments of music from one of Nigeria’s greatest instrumentalist and jazz saxophonist Kunle Ajayi. We give you one of his last interviews before he passed on. His personality and view of life was one of the charming things about him.

He brought about a mixture of old indigenous Nigerian music with a modern feel. His music would forever live in our hearts.

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