Movie review:

We definitely had fun trying to decipher who the killer was. If you are looking for thriller in the Nollywood, this movie is it. It was suspense filled to the very end. Little hints were dropped through out the movie that led to a build up that made sense at the end. There was no over acting by any of the casts and I must say that Beverly Maya and OC Ukeje killed it with their beautifully acted out scenes; we expected more from Alex Ekubo though,

I have a few questions. How did her colleague know that she was at home, seeing that she was supposed to be at the hotel room with her husband. Also, is it really possible for a man to invite his mistress over to the hotel room just as soon as his wife leaves? Especially when they are in  celebration mode.


The movie was produced and directed by Walter ‘Waltbanger’ Taylaur, and was based on an original story titled “The Chase Game’ by Tunde Apalowo.

We rate it 3 stars!

Category: Slider, Youtube

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